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Flight of the Phoenix Fans

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September 19th, 2010

07:54 pm - Random story i wrote
Hey guys! So I wrote a kink meme fic for someone a little while ago, and it involved one of my favorite movie characters getting tickle tortured. So I thought, "Hey! Maybe i should write a fic of my current favorite movie character getting the tickle treatment!" cuz it's fun =D
And so, without further ado....


Elliott tickledCollapse )












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September 17th, 2010

11:07 pm
Hi guys! OMG i totally thought I was, like, the only one who loved this movie!!
Giovanni Ribisi is one of my favorite actors, and this is my favorite movie of his. His totally and completely transforms and i love it <3333

So....whats up? :D

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April 27th, 2006

04:20 pm
Hello everyone! It seems this community isnt busy, but it should be...fotp is so awesome! I saw Flight of the Phoenix (the 04 remake) about a week ago and I love it! I started watching it when it was about a half hour through (when Elliott tells everyone he can design the plane) and I couldnt stop watching it. I watched all of it the next day when it was on again, and the movie is so great! Elliott was my favorite character because I liked how he was mysterious, and although annoying to the others, he helped them. And Giovanni Ribisi is a great actor! This is the first movie of his I saw, but I've already seen some of his other movies and I love his work. :)

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March 4th, 2006

03:45 pm - I'm new, and felt like introducing myself.
Hi everyone, I'm Danielle, I'm new here, and a fairly huge fan of The Flight of the Phoenix. I first saw the '04 remake a couple of months ago and watched it nonstop. I'll always love it for introducing me to the great talent that is Giovanni Ribisi (that man is BRILLIANT), even though a shirtless Dennis Quaid still gives me nightmares. Miranda Otto did a fine job of playing Bimbo the Monkey.

A couple of days ago, I devoured the '64 Elleston Trevor novel, and if anyone here hasn't read it, I highly recommend it. The writing style isn't that great, but the man did his research. Stringer (that's Elliott in the book) is a lot more sympathetic, and there's a deeper exploration of the conflict between him and Captain Towns. Towns is even more of a stupid dick, which actually makes him a bit more likable- he's got flaws and isn't just Dennis Quaid's manly man. The plot is also a LOT different in the book, and a lot more interesting. There's a German boy called Kepel whose pelvis is crushed in the crash and can't be moved, there's a doctor desparate to get home to his dying wife, there's a wonderful conflict between two members of the British Army, Captain Harris and Sergeant Watson... The characters are more exciting, and the situation's a LOT more desparate. The '04 movie upped the water they had to about 30 day's worth if they didn't work too hard. In the book, it's seven days.

That's right, people. Seven days. And no peaches canned in juice, either. It was seven day's worth of water and dried dates. I won't spoil it and tell you how they get more, but it's intense. In short, the book is hardcore.

I also really enjoy the '65 movie. James Stewart is a lot better at conveying the stubborn assholitry of Towns than Quaid, and he's more wracked with guilt after the crash (he's responsible, dammit!). Hardy Kruger is an AMAZING Heinrich Dorfmann (that's Elliott again.), he's a real talent and splendid to watch. He's also quite a hunk. *wink* It also has That Old Guy From Jurassic Park/Richard Attenborough as Moran, the peaceable navigator (think AJ, but with a better part). They had about 10 days of water, and Dorfmann set up a distilling device to last them a few more.

Stringer/Dorfmann/Elliott is a really facinating character, and I think that it's really interesting to see the different interpretations.

And now, in my Huge Dorkness, I'll give a short list of things relating to my favorite character that have changed through FotP history, apart from his name (just because you guys seem to be Elliott fans too).

-In the book, he worked for the company Kaycraft. In the '65 movie, it's called Becker Flugzeuge. In the '04, it's Seismore(sp?) and Pratt.
-The biggest plane his company makes in the book and '04 movie is The Albatross, but they changed it to The Adler in the '65 movie. (it's never Elliott/Dorfmann/Stringer that has designed it, because "it's a glider and I only work on power models")
-The biggest he's ever designed. In the book, it's called the Hawk Six, which "took the Stevenage Cup" the year before. In the '65 movie, it's the Jaeger 250, "it won the prize for extended flight at Frankfurt last year." And of course, in the '04 movie, it's the Stealth Magnum (which sounds like a CONDOM, not a PLANE!), which unfortunately won absolutely nothing.

...And I think I've rambled on enough... um... hi?
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Current Music: Dorfmann's Sulking Theme/The Music Box Melody from FotP '65

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November 4th, 2005

11:50 am - Favorite Line
What is your favorite line from the movie?

2nd favorite line?

3rd favorite line?
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October 30th, 2005

11:49 pm - Giovanni Ribisi Interview
For those of you who may be interested, this is an interview that Giovanni Ribisi had done with Vidnet.com about Flight Of The Phoenix

Watch the video interview here.
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October 10th, 2005

12:29 pm - ????
I have to laugh at the user info! I forgot to mention this in my last post, but many thanks to the mods for one of the rules being no pictures of a shirtless Dennis Quaid. I understand that it was apart of the movie, and apart of the character; but yuck. Nobody wants to see this unless they're watching the movie. Now a shirtless Giovanni? Yeah, I'll fangirl for that. ;)

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October 5th, 2005

10:49 am
Quick question:

In FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX what type of accent is Elliot (Giovanni Ribisi) speaking in? Its quite subtle, and vague, which was well done - but I'm having a difficulty figuring out what it is. Any ideas?

x-posted a few places.

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September 7th, 2005

07:06 pm

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July 26th, 2005

01:14 pm
some more for ye!

Just VonniCollapse )

Flight of the PhoenixCollapse )

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